Fishing Charters in Florida

About Your Captain

Capt. Steve Leopold has been working on the Yabba Dabba Doo since 1997 and has been professionally charter fishing since 1989. With an expert captain at the helm of this exquisitely maintained charter fishing boat, your mahi mahi, sailfish and wahoo fishing charter trip in Islamorada, Florida, will be unforgettable!

You and your group will enjoy a beautiful day on the water that is relaxing, fun and exciting. With top-notch tackle aboard a high-powered charter boat with an elite crew and cutting-edge electronics, Capt. Steve will hone in on trophy catches and big schools so you can bring home the prized catches.

Whether you are an experienced charter-fishing client or this is your first trip, you want a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly captain who is a joy to spend time with. Capt. Steve will ensure all are comfortable and safe aboard the boat and ready for an adventurous fishing expedition. He will customize your fishing charter to exceed your expectations. He is an expert at tailoring the fishing day to the prevailing conditions and to your personal “wish list.” Capt. Steve is like a premier chef, putting together the ingredients of the day to provide you with an exquisite masterpiece that you will remember for the rest of your life.

The Yabba Dabba Doo has hosted guests from all around the country – and even around the world. Guests have come from Naples, Florida and Nantucket, Massachusetts, and from as near as Miami and as far as Milan, Italy, and Tokyo, Japan. Wherever you’re from, Capt. Steve will ensure that your day of fishing off the Islamorada coast along the Florida Keys will be an adventure to remember.

High standards and an incredible work ethic are at the core of each elite, professional captain who is successful year in and year out. There’s nothing hit or miss about it, and it is a very small group at the top of professional fishing success. Then, within this very small bunch, you have the captains who are still like kids in candy shop each morning as they steer offshore, having a ball with each trip every day as their passion is their profession, allowing them to offer a great fishing experience while keeping it relaxed and fun.

That’s how Capt. Steve operates; he is the best of the best. His tournament record, his clientele, his day in and day out success, and his decade of experience in the professional charter industry speak for themselves. Ultimately, the greatest captains are those with a passion for being out on the water and fishing. Like Capt. Steve, their enthusiasm and sense of fun is infectious. For all clients, the captain holds the key to fun and success, and the best use their expertise and passion to unlock the white-hot excitement of fishing success.

The most important indicator of all, however – the bottom line – are those big happy smiles lighting up the faces of Capt. Steve’s clients as they step off the Yabba Dabba Doo each day in the glow of the late afternoon sunlight on the Florida Keys.

So, have you booked your fishing charter yet? Just picture in your heads the silvery-blue flash of a big bull mahi mahi racing in for a sight-cast bait or the purple shadows of multiple sailfish charging into a glittering shower of ballyhoo. Now imagine the smashing strikes of black fin tuna, the freight-train roar of the drag when a 500-pound tiger shark takes off for the horizon, or the neon-banded missile flight of an airborne wahoo skyrocketing for a surface bait. Experience this yourself with Capt. Steve!

Call today to book a fishing charter aboard the Yabba Dabba Doo and get ready for an unforgettable day on the waters of the Florida Keys. Come see for yourself what a difference an experienced captain makes.